Elephant conservation is a global concern. The major consumers of ivory are outside of Africa in China, Europe and the United States of America.

Elephants for Africa team members give educational and motivational talks to schools and other interested parties. The purpose is to engage people in the environment and their role in conservation. Educating people on how their lives and actions can have an impact on the environment, locally and internationally, is an important step towards protecting elephants in the future.

Where there is demand, there is supply. We must focus on diminishing demand as well as cutting the supply chain. Ivory serves no purpose for man, other than as pretty ornaments, for which the elephant pays the ultimate price. So our education reaches beyond Africa to the consumers that drive the demand.

It is not only the ivory trade that affects the survival of the African elephant. Many products that we have come to rely on in the West need valuable raw materials from Africa. For example, coltan is a rare mineral that is used in mobile phones and other electrical appliances. It originates in the Congo forest, which is the home of endangered forest elephants and gorillas.

These resources are mostly harvested illegally in an uncontrolled and unsustainable manner. By making our appliances last and recycling them responsibly we can decrease the market for coltan, and therefore protect the habitat of elephants.

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