Children are the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. We partner with the Environmental Clubs of local primary schools to bring monthly EleFun activities to the curriculum. These activities incorporate hands-on learning experiences alongside a whole lot of fun to bring science and their environment to life.

The aim of the EleFun activities is to take local children out into their surrounding environment to observe their wildlife and learn key skills for future employment within the environmental sector, such as tracking, observation and identification. We hope to help them make informed decisions about wildlife, introduce them to positive role models in conservation and to broaden their horizons for new opportunities and future careers.

We want to inspire young people by providing an exceptional educational experience that focuses on conservation and the environment. Thanks to our partnership with GoodPlanet, alongside donations from individuals and schools, the members of the Environmental Clubs will get the opportunity to visit their National Park. Amongst local people in Botswana, many myths surround elephants and other wildlife. Enabling children to see them up close in the wild with conservationists nearby to answer their questions often dispels many of these myths. This leads to understanding and respect rather than hatred and fear. For most of the children, this will be the first time they have ever been into a national park or seen wildlife in a non-conflict situation.