The African elephant is currently facing extinction as it struggles to survive in a sea of humanity and the human thirst for ivory. To prevent this happening is a challenge, but there are ways you can help as we strive for a world of human-elephant co-existence.

Register with Easyfundraising to support Elephants for Africa every time you shop online only costs you a couple of extra clicks on the computer mouse and raises much needed cash for the charity (typically 2.5% of the transaction).
Recycle your old printer cartridges and mobile phones through Recycle for Charity and safely despose of these items whilst raising money for Elephants for Africa. Simply sign up for your freepost envelopes, or if you want to organise a collection at school or work then sign up for a recycling collection box.
You can take recycling to a higher level by donating your used car. Sign up with Give A Car To arrange a free collection of your car, call 0207 736 4242 or email
If you are selling stuff on the auction site eBay you can choose to donate all or part of the sell price to Elephants for Africa, simply find us under the listed charities when setting up your auction.